How To Build a Web Startup

Today in the Silicon Valley experienced entrepreneurs and professionals are sharing their experience teaching, and supporting startups  in the development of new ideas. Like il Verrocchio in the Renaissance contributed to the learning experience of Leonardo, they are the “maestro” of the Internet era. One of them is Steven Blank.

In a recent blog post, he shares very useful information, trying to answer to the questions: “How do I get my great idea on the web? What are the steps in building a web site?”. The result of this analysis is described in a 10 steps process:

  1. Set up the logistics to manage your team
  2. Craft company hypotheses
  3. Write a value proposition statement that other people understand
  4. Set up the Website Logistics
  5. Build a “low-fidelity” web site
  6. Get customers to the site
  7. Add the backend code to make the site work
  8. Test the “problem” with customer data
  9. Test the “solution” by building the “high-fidelity” website
  10. Ask for money

In the post, Steve gives a practical guide for the lean development of a minimum viable product, and provides a very helpful set of startup tools that span from business model development frameworks, to SEO and analytics tutorials.  If you want to go deeper in your idea development, you can also follow the posts related to the course that Steve has developed for Stanford students: The Lean Launch Pad. The course provides real world, hands-on learning on what it’s like to actually start a high-tech company.

What is your experience developing a web idea? Which tools have accelerated your process? Which steps have you followed?

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