Inspiring Founders at the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2011

During the Global Entrepreneurship Week I had the opportunity to participate in an interesting event at Foundation Rafael del Pino, in Madrid. The event was organized to recognize the successful journey of 20 young entrepreneurs that have been capable to inspire their teams, their customers, and the new entrants in the startup world. The panel, moderated by Mathieu Carenzo from IESE, was composed by Pau Garcia Milá, founder at eyeOS, Alvaro Cebrián, cofounder at El Ganso, Marta Esteve founder at Rentalia and cofounder at Top Rural, Marc Bonavia, founder at Sit Mobile. The list of the 20 entrepreneurs was chosen from 400 companies started between 1999 and 2010. The selection criteria used in the process was not only based on economic values, but mainly in personality skills like confidence, energy, capacity to have perspective and learn.

The founders explained how they started their companies thinking global, how they left behind the many initial mistakes, and how they could recognize their own weaknesses and hire complementary professional to create good teams (the CEOs at eyeOS and Sit Mobile are not the founders, and are not from Spain).  An interesting fact is that most of them did not have any previous experience in the sector where they developed their business. The reasons that motivated them to start a company was for Marta the need of execute ideas with freedom, without the barriers that you can find in many corporations, for Pau the opportunity to solve a technological problem, and create something valuable for his customers, for Marc the desire to escape from his pharmaceutical background, and for Clemente the desire to follow his passion for stylish clothes. In addition to fulfil their goals, these entrepreneurs have been capable to build companies, and created opportunities for many young collaborators. To remark this important contribution to social value creation, Mathieu suggested that is now the time to call them job-creators replacing the old fashion word entrepreneurs.

And in your case, what motivated you to start a new business? Which skills you believe are key to be a successful founder?

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