Good blogging: Tomasz Tunguz – Ex Post Facto

One the best blog that I’m following is Tomasz Tunguz – Ex Post Facto. I like Tom writing style, a great combination of simplicity and intelligence. Recently I spent some time searching in the old posts blog archive. This is a random selection of a few posts that got my attention:

  • How to Analyze Your Startup Like A VC in 15 Minutes Or Less: I like simplicity and I like frameworks for decision making, they help you to organize ideas and to filter information. Tom suggestion is to use 3 frameworks: The Business Model Canvas (BMC), Porter’s Five Forces (P5F), and Value Chain Analysis (VCA). BMC focus on 9 variables: revenue streams, cost structure, value proposition, key partners, key resources, key activities, customer segment, customer relationships, channels. P5F focus on 5 variables: supplier power, barriers to entry, substitutes, customer power, competition. VCA focus in understanding the internal firm activities
  • A Formula For Innovation: Tom simplify the concept of innovation is a brilliant formula: innovation=invention+marketing+timing. Like in a dialogue invention is the argument, marketing is the speaker, timing means that there is a listener
  • The Return of Venture Backed Hardware: Nest, Sonos, Thalmic Labs, Leap Motion, Electric Imp are some examples of companies that are surfing the new wave of innovation in the hardware sector. Most of this innovation is the result of a combination of sensors+wireless communications+software applications. The data produced by innovative hardware can be elaborated using cloud computing and big data analysis, and can be accessible every where and every time
  • The 11 Risks VCs Evaluate: decision making is often about finding the right combination of risk and return. An interesting perspective over risk, is the one faced by the VC analyzing a startup. This analysis is segmented by Tom in 11 areas: market timing, business model, market adoption, market size, execution, technology, capitalization structure, platform, venture management, financial, legal

There are many more posts on interesting topics like communication skillsbusiness development, startup metrics. Which are your preferred posts? Which blog writers for technology innovation topics are you following?

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